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Shire Swim School located at Kirrawee - in Sydney's southern suburbs, was established in 1998.

Coach John Widmer wanted to create a swim school that would teach children to swim correctly and with good, efficient technique. He has seen far too many athletes give up their promising careers in sport at too early an age. Mainly because they have been pushed too hard, too early.

He wants to instill in children the love of swimming whether it be recreational, or competitive.



John Widmer started swimming as a young child under the direction of his family doctor to help combat asthma. He was a naturally gifted swimmer. He soon began teaching friends and neighbour's children to swim.

In natural progression, John launched into competitive swimming. He became a NSW and Queensland State record holder champion and moved on to take National titles as well. His coach was Jack Stutsel.

Moving to the United Kingdom with his family as teenager, he continued competitive swimming. Over a three year period, he set many swimming records at local County, Midlands and National levels. Some of these records, more than 30 years later, still stand.

John is passionate about the sport and art of swimming. He continually works on ideas and techniques that may improve the way swimmers move through the water.

With the dedicated assistance of his enthusiastic staff he continues to keep Shire Swim School - The Leaders in the Shire.





5 Yalgar Rd,
Kirrawee NSW 2322
ph (02) 9542 4445
Please email John Widmer at